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Elev8 MD is Charlotte’s leading ketamine clinic and holistic health & wellness center. We offer ketamine infusions for the treatment of major depressive disorder, treatment resistant depression, postpartum depression, PTSD, and other mental health illnesses.  We also address a variety of chronic pain conditions such as cancer related pain, neuropathy and chronic back and joint pain. In addition, we also offer various health and wellness services such as IV hydration, Mindfulness training, individual counseling and group therapy.

Elev8 MD Wellness center is owned and operated by highly experienced anesthesiologist. We use state-of-the-art equipment to maximize the comfort of each client while ensuring safety at every step of the way. Whatever your health & wellness needs, Elev8 MD is here to help you tap into your greatest potential and live your best life.

Why Choose Us


Our ketamine clinic and wellness center employ top healthcare physicians and all team of experienced professionals from the Charlotte area.


Where other ketamine clinics charge up to $800 per infusion, our clinic charges only $425.


From the moment you step through our doors, our priority is your safety, comfort and quality of care.

Patient Testimonials

“I highly recommend Elev8 Wellness as the premier wellness center within the greater Charlotte area. Additionally, Elev8 is a beautifully decorated, relaxing and comfortable environment. I absolutely love the personal service and attention that I receive at every visit. Dr. Legree reviewed my medical record, history and goals, then customized a treatment plan specifically for me. She explained the process in detail, and put any anxiety to rest. She and her staff are the consummate professionals, yet gentle and kind. Dr. Legree offers state of the art treatments that have made an almost immediate and positive impact in my body…I am eternally grateful for the miracle that Dr. Legree’s treatment plan has fostered in my life. There are no words that can truly express the gratitude that I have in being Dr. Legree’s patient. Elev8 and Dr. Legree have been a vital part of my healing journey and will continue to be a part of my complete wellness story for many years to come.”

– Verified Patient

“When I first started my infusions I didn’t know what to expect, I was very nervous about how I was going to react. When Dr. Legree came into the room I told her how I was feeling, she was very kind and understanding. She made me feel so comfortable and safe. I can assure you that these infusions have made me feel like myself again, that my life actually has a purpose. Not only are the infusions helpful, but the staff is so kind and know exactly what they’re doing. If you are still reading this and you are struggling with your mental health I encourage you to do more research about Ketamine. My experience has been so positive and I hope you can also experience this happiness.”

– Verified Patient

“Most stories begin at the start of the story. Mine, however, starts at the end.  The end of hope, the end of countless wasted visits to a certain association tied with Veterans. I have both severe mental and physical disabilities.  The VA did nothing. I’ve spent the better part of two years with only 10 to 15 hours a week.  Most Drs said that was impossible until after 2 sleep studies. My brain sleep center only works at 50%. I decided in order to live, I must become my own advocate. I had read how Ketamine can regenerate the brain and essentially rewire the damage of head injuries and severe PTSD. I prayed to God for an answer saw an advertisement about Ketamine drastically reducing the severe symptoms of PTSD. I had nothing to lose. 

We contacted Dr. Legree and scheduled an appointment. What happens next is a miracle. Even after the first week of therapy I gained a little more sleep but most importantly, it dimmed the HORRIFIC things I’ve seen.  In short,  even though I have a long way to go, multiple surgeries on my back and leg,  and a long ways to go healing emotionally Ketamine infusions read the pain, the racing thoughts, the mania that sneaks up on you.  They are going away.  As I stated above, the fear is beginning to dimmer. To my brothers and sisters in the military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, or even someone who’s bed physically or emotionally battered and beaten down.  I strongly encourage to contact Dr. Legree and staff.  Join me in healing please. If I can heal, anyone can. Become your own advocate.  Where you give your love, is where you give your life. My life started again with Elev8 MD Wellness and Dr. Legree. If not for her, I would simply be another tombstone and a memory to my family.”

– Survival from a Veteran

“My Experience with Elev8 MD has been great with such supportive and caring staff, with COVID-19 and the pandemic affecting businesses all around, Elev8 continues to show kindness and well-rounded support to their patients. I would recommend Elev8 MD to friends and loves ones because of the well organized and caring doctors and staff.”


– Patient A.
“Excellent experience. Extremely responsive and helpful staff.”


 – Patient C.H.

“We couldn’t be happier. My daughter is a difficult case, to say the least, and to say that everyone there is committed to her would be an understatement. Wonderful staff, very caring. Dr. Legree is very committed to the success of her patients and goes above and beyond.”

 – J.K.

“Dr. Legree has made Elev8 like a home to me. When I come here, I know that I will be cared for and safe. She puts in the expertise and knowledge she acquired to ensure each treatment meets my needs and addresses every concern I have. I know that I am in great hands everytime I come here.”

 – R.L.

Our Team

Our ketamine clinic and wellness center employs some of Charlotte’s most trusted physician anesthesiologist, therapists and psychologists. 

Dr. LaKesha Legree

Dr. LaKesha Legree

Founder & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Roman Langston

Dr. Roman Langston

Consultant & Anesthesiologist


Dr. Lauren Gross

Dr. Lauren Gross

Licensed Psychologist & Health Services Provider

Dr. Amber Brooks

Dr. Amber Brooks

Chronic Pain Specialist & Consultant

Courtney Brooks

Courtney Brooks

Nurse Manager, BSN

Jaegan Preston

Jaegan Preston

Office Executive Assistant

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Our physicians are happy to answer any questions you may have about ketamine for depression or chronic pain, IV hydration therapy, or any of our restorative mind-body wellness services. We'll help you get on the right path towards holistic health and whole-body wellness.