When people think of summer, they think of happiness, fun, and excitement. The warm weather inspires many to embark on unusual spontaneous adventures. Summer activities are a great way to lift the spirit, but, despite the inviting climate, many still find it difficult to motivate and inspire themselves because of unresolved depression. Although it is more common for depression to peak in the winter months, some actually find it peaking in the summertime. For some, the change to the warmer season sadly means more gloom and inactivity.

Typically, those who have depression as a result of a change of season are diagnosed with either seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or major depressive disorder (MDD). Like most depressive disorders, these conditions last for extended periods of time and bring on feelings of sadness, dread, unease and other negative moods.

While its most useful to treat SAD and MDD with therapy and pharmaceuticals, some may also find it useful to supplement their regimen with the following simple activities:

  • Avoid focusing on your depression. Accept that it exists, but don’t waste too much energy thinking about it. Try to redirect the energy you would spend thinking about your depression into things that will improve the quality of your life. Instead, use it to fuel a creative activity like poetry, drawing, or painting. Poetry has been used by many famous individuals throughout history as a way to express a full spectrum of emotions, from happiness to sadness. There are also many paintings that come from similar origins.
  • Remember that summer is just another season. Do not let yourself get too excited, for better or for worse, over the change or existence of the new season. Instead, focus on something that you can act on, like the clothes you will wear, the places you can visit, and the people you could see. Change is good, and you should learn to embrace it.
  • Get outside and do something associated with the season. If it’s hot out, go for a swim. If it is snowing out, build a snowman. If it is fall, rake the leaves around your home. Doing these activities will help you develop more strength and confidence in your ability to endure the changing of seasons, and actually enjoy it.
  • If it is summer, let yourself fully experience “cooling off” from a hot day. If it is winter, grab some snow, and think about how many snowflakes it took to make the ball your holding. By doing these things, you are retraining your mind to focus on more positive and constructive things. You will learn to appreciate the little things by learning to focus your mind on the cool water in the summertime, or the cold snow in your hand in the wintertime.

If these activities do not provide adequate relief or do not help you cope, then more professional intervention may be necessary. If you are suffering from depression, and need help, give our clinic a call today to receive a free consultation.

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