Think about what 1 million people would look like in a single space. Picture it in your mind.

Got it?

Now, take that visual and multiply it by 11. It’s a mind-boggling number, right? Out of the 214 million opioid prescriptions written in 2016, 11+ million of those people became addicted to or abused those drugs. We hope that these statistics can put the severity of the opiate problem in perspective. And, although opioids do their job when it comes to cancer treatment and post-operation pain (for short periods), new research indicates that opiates may not be the right choice for patients suffering from chronic pain.

In an article by HealthDay News, 96 clinical trials were analyzed to see if the effectiveness of opioid use for pain disorders such as fibromyalgia, CRPS or osteoarthritis is worth the risk of dependency or addiction. The conclusion agreed upon is a resounding “no.” The studies show that the opiates work only slightly better than placebo pills. The lead researcher and his team believe that “opioids should no longer be considered the first-line of treatment for chronic, non-cancer pain.” There are a variety of other alternatives to help with chronic pain—without the danger of critically damaging a patient’s mental and physical health.

Some opiate alternatives for those suffering from chronic pain include: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID medications, such as ibuprofen (said to be just as effective as opioids), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which help reprogram an individual’s psychological response to pain, exercise or physical therapy, or holistic techniques, including reiki, acupuncture, and massage can bring relief.

One of the most effective and rapid-acting chronic pain treatments available today, however, are ketamine infusions. These are given in a series of 4-6 initial infusions, under direct medical supervision in a clinical environment. Studies have shown that ketamine may help reset the neural connections in your brain & spine to suppress constant pain pathways. In some patients, ketamine relieves chronic pain symptoms for up to six months at a time—a true miracle for those who know the darkness of what life is like with chronic pain.

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