Ketamine infusions are extremely effective at treating anxiety and depression, with many patients experiencing relief within just 1-2 infusions. The efficacy of ketamine infusions can be further enhanced through the addition to counseling or psychotherapy, as well as through certain elf-care practices.

Here are some tips for maximizing ketamine infusions, both during and after the infusion process:

Listen to music. Music promotes relaxation, and wearing headphones will drown out the background noise in the clinic and give you some peace and quiet while minimizing outside distractions.

Put down your electronics. Having your phone on silent ensures that you are checked out of the chaos from the outside world. It’s also difficult to use a phone while having an out-of-body experience! It’s best to sit back, relax, and let ketamine work its magic.

Bring a blanket and an eye mask. Most clinics are air-conditioned, so it can get chilly inside. Not only that, many have fluorescent lights, which do not help promote relaxation. The eye mask and blanket will help you feel more comfortable, and thus speed up the healing process.

Bring a friend. Ketamine can make you feel disconnected from your body—your coordination may be terrible for a short period after your infusion, and you may have trouble communicating clearly. Having a trusted friend by your side can help you relax, knowing that someone has your back while you disconnect. Your friend can also drive you home after the infusion, as you will not be able to drive yourself home afterwards.

Get a counselor. Seeing a therapist during or immediately after a ketamine infusion can sometimes lead to therapy breakthroughs. This is because the dissociative state from ketamine gives the therapist a window to go into any past traumas or emotional pains that are normally too hard to go into, as these memories normally reside deep in the subconscious.

After your infusions, make sure you’re practicing self-care in order to enhance or extend the positive results of ketamine. Seeing a counselor or psychotherapist, eating a nutritious diet rich in whole grains, Omega-3 fatty acids and other “brain foods,” getting lots of exercise to boost those endorphins, and even exploring holistic wellness treatments like IV hydration therapy can keep you feeling happy for a long time to come.

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