Are you someone who works out like an athlete, but finds that hammering your body day after day is difficult to recover from? If so, there are many holistic ways to aid your body through the recovery process. These therapies are designed to promote hydration, muscle cell repair and regeneration, and replenish all of the vitamins and minerals you deplete during intense exercise.

IV Hydration.
IV hydration used to be for those who were too ill to feed themselves. Through IV hydration they were intravenously provided with the nutrients they needed to survive. However, nowadays, IV hydration therapy is offered for many reasons, one of them being to replenish electrolytes and restore the vitamins and fluids lost during competition or a workout. The benefits if IV hydration for athletes include: reduced muscle aches and soreness, reduced muscle cramps, supports protein synthesis for muscle repair and growth, improved muscle strength and metabolism, and helps with cellular repair. Since these nutrients are instantly infused into the bloodstream, the vitamins are restored immediately and the nutrients become instantly available for the body to use.

Massage Therapy.
Most athletes will tell you a huge benefit to performance recovery is a good massage. Massage promotes blood circulation, relieves stress, reduces pain, increases flexibility, and shortens recovery time. Massage induces proper circulation throughout the body, which means faster removal of the cellular waste that builds up in the muscles after a workout. When toxins build up, they can become painful trigger points, which is a dysfunctional area of muscle tissue. This slows down muscle recovery. A good massage can make an athlete able to perform faster, sooner.

Reiki is a touch therapy that helps with reducing stress and promoting relaxation by balancing the energy levels in a person’s body. The Reiki practioner holds his or her hands over the receiver to transfer healing energy that helps them with relaxation. Because it is so relaxing, Reiki both aids in the injury healing process and also helps athletes recover from hard workouts by loosening muscle tightness or pain. Those who do Reiki before a workout report better focus during the workout. Athletes also report a better mental clarity and focus for game time performance.

Acupuncture is a non-surgical method of therapy treatment. Needles are inserted into the acupuncture points where the body releases endorphins. The release of endorphins decreases pain and inflammation, increases range of motion, and helps with the immune system. For athletes, this is an effective and holistic way to bring the body back to its natural state without drugs. Acupuncture activates your body’s ability to heal on its own.

Whether you’re looking to improve performance, recover faster, or both, these holistic therapies for athletes could be a game changer for you! Any type of athlete—endurance or power— can benefit from IV hydration, massage therapy, reiki or acupuncture, and the athletes who already leverage these therapies, absolutely swear by them!

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