It’s the New Year, and many people have resolved to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition is a huge component to our wellbeing, but most people have a hard time eating the right foods to better their health. Even if people do eat the proper foods to support a healthier lifestyle, their genetic makeup, age, metabolism and other individual factors can make it hard for them to absorb the right nutrients.

And that’s where IV hydration therapy comes in.

IV hydration therapy is not new—until recently, patients with illnesses preventing them from consuming enough food were the primary candidates to receive infusions. But now, IV hydration therapy is being used for everyday health benefits as well. IV hydration therapy is a vitamin infusion that is delivered intravenously, sending a mixture of minerals directly to the bloodstream. Through this type of therapy, the body is able to absorb more nutrients than by oral food ingestion. When we consume food into our stomach, many varying factors determine how we absorb the food, or if we absorb it at all. However, with IV hydration therapy, since the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream, our cells absorb a greater percentage of the nutrients, and use them to upkeep our good health.

The many benefits of IV hydration therapy include: correcting hydration, increased energy level, healthier skin, stronger immune system, curing hangovers, balancing hormones and relieving stress. Some athletes even use it after an intense competition to rehydrate and recover faster.

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