It happens. Overindulging at the open bar at your best friend’s wedding, excessive tailgating at the impossible-to-get-tickets-for football game, having one (or ten) too many cocktails at your college reunion. It seems like a good idea at the time, however the penance for these sins is generally a raging hangover from hell. And as we get older, these hangovers get bigger and badder, worse and worse. How were our 24-year-old hungover selves able to roll out of bed and push through a day of school or work? Today, well, it’s not that easy.

Ideally, we can nurse our hangovers at home, watching Netflix on our couches, ordering takeout, and napping when necessary. But we all know that life can be less than ideal. As adults—as working professionals and parents—our responsibilities are great, and hangovers can seriously impede our ability to interact with clients, take care of our children, and engage in other types of “adulting.”

Enter IV hydration therapy. IV hydration therapy has emerged as a miracle hangover remedy for those who need to bounce back quickly after a night of overindulgence. At our IV hydration clinic, we treat hangover patients with a drip enriched with Toradol to address headaches and physical pain, Zofran and antacids to reduce nausea, and B-vitamins, folate, and magnesium to speed up the body’s recovery process. And, what do you know, it works! After 30-minutes of IV hydration therapy, hangovers miraculously slip away and the body’s normal level of energy and attentiveness is restored.

Don’t believe us? Read more about journalist Kristen Geil’s experience with IV hydration therapy…

What we like about Kristen’s anecdote is this: even though her hangover was immediately reversed with IV hydration therapy, she still understood that drinking excessively was just. not. fun anymore. She recognized that, while IV hydration therapy presented a fast-acting solution, it wasn’t a solution that she hoped to need regularly.

Sure, IV hydration offers fast relief from the debilitating symptoms of a hangover. But that’s not an invitation to go out and drink excessively every weekend. Just because there is a solution doesn’t mean we should intentionally create problems. Overindulging happens to the best of us. But it happens sporadically, from time-to-time.

If you are overindulging frequently, rather than visiting your local IV hydration bar on repeat, please consider speaking with your primary care provider. A physician can guide you to the various resources that are available for those who have a problem with alcohol. Our wellness center also offers a variety of services that may support your efforts to cut down on or quit drinking altogether: acupuncture, reiki, psychotherapy and more.

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