One of the reasons why ketamine for depression is so effective is that it addresses multiple causes of depression: it repairs damaged neutral connections in the brain by cleaning G-proteins off of lipid rafts; it acts an NDMA receptor antagonist; and it reduces inflammation throughout the body, which a new study shows could play a role in the treatment of depression.

The connection between inflammation and depression has been recognized for a while now—depressed patients regularly show higher inflammation markers. However, more research is needed in order for us to understand whether treating inflammation alone could have a positive effect on depressive symptoms, or whether the connection is purely coincidental. For example, could eating an anti-inflammatory diet treat depression in individuals who have not made progress though traditional avenues of treatment?

While researchers continue to explore whether there is a causal connection between inflammation and depression, our wellness center regularly recommends that patients eat a naturally anti-inflammatory diet thats supports not just mental health, but whole body health. We take a holistic and integrative approach to wellness, enabling our patients to address their symptoms from the inside, out.

If you are severely depressed and struggling with feelings of sadness or suicidal thoughts, ketamine infusions are a proven solution that work for 70% of patients. Supporting ketamine infusion therapy by eating an anti-inflammatory diet could further enhance your positive results, and will most certainly leave you feeling more energized and high-functioning. Here are some foods to integrate into your anti-depressive diet, as well as some foods to avoid:

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Olive oil
Spinach, kale & collards
Nuts rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. almonds & walnuts)]
Salmon, mackerel or tuna
Strawberries, blueberries, cherries & oranges
Maca root, turmeric & ginger

Foods to Avoid

Sugar & high-fructose corn syrup
Vegetable & seed oils
Refined or processed carbohydrates
Cheese & dairy products

When it comes to taking control of your depressive symptoms, there are few things that aren’t worth trying. Making some quick changes to your diet could help support ketamine infusion therapy, or just your general happiness and wellbeing. Like we always say here at our Charlotte area wellness center and ketamine clinic: you only have one body—be kind to it!

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