Being healthy is a two-fold process: it requires a body that is in sync with the mind. When one or both of these are out of sync, we can become ill or depressed. Being healthy is important because it is a prerequisite for many other beneficial things to occur in our bodies and lives. Everything from simply having fun, building great friendships, finding a partner, and landing a job all require good health. When this requirement is not met, it is important to reprioritize the act of becoming healthy again in order to optimize the chances of living your best life.

Stress is a major issue for most people. In fact, it’s unfortunately unavoidable. Stress occurs when we have to endure hardship or do something we’re not comfortable with—either because we’re unfamiliar, do not have enough resources, or we’re just not good at it. Either way, some things are unavoidable and have to be done. When we do this enough, we experience “stress.”

Many people experience stress from similar scenarios. Losing a loved one, moving, losing a job, and not having enough money are some of the most common. Just when it is needed most, our mental capacity is significantly compromised when these things occur. If the misfortune persists long enough, it can also manifest into physical dysfunction as well—like high blood pressure, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, stomach ulcers, and more.

Similarly to how stress affects us negatively, any persistent long-term relief from stress will manifest itself beneficially. Being stress free improves sleeping habits, which can, in turn, help prevent cancer, and keep us healthy in many other ways. Most importantly, though, is that being stress free means you have more to offer to the people you love. Instead of wasting energy on destructive thoughts and behaviors, we can invest ourselves in improving the lives of the people we love—making their lives, and our own lives, happier and more fulfilling.

In 2006, the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Fairfield, Iowa conducted a study on the long-term effects of stress reduction on mortality. It discovered that there was a clear benefit to combining regular care with non-pharmacologic programs to reduce stress — like mindfulness. It found that this combination lead to decreases in mortality in older populations that have high blood pressure.

So, in celebration of this fantastic discovery, here are 4 ways anyone can include more mindfulness in their life to decrease stress levels:

  • Express yourself to those you trust. By talking about your feelings with another, you allow yourself to digest the ideas through another channel—improving your comprehension and allowing yourself to fully benefit from its lessons.
  • Keep a journal of your day—good and bad. By logging your activity, you reduce your mental load—literally. By moving thoughts to an external medium you reduce the number of things that have to be remembered.
  • Exercise as frequently as possible. It is important to keep your body in peak shape. This helps the mind remain confident that you can handle whatever life throws at you!
  • Practice mindfulness. Learning how to focus on nothing sounds simple, but it is actually quite hard. Most of us spend our lives learning how to focus on specific things. Instead, try the opposite and watch how wonderful you feel.

If you or someone you love have tried these things, and still feel physically or mentally unwell, don’t hesitate to seek professional and pharmaceutical help. There is no reason to suffer unnecessarily, and the longer recovery is delayed, the more precious time is wasted. Many have found relief by combining these 4 steps with antidepressants, cognitive behavioral therapy, and ketamine infusions.

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