Since the discovery of ketamine and how it works to rapidly reduce the symptoms of depression, researchers have a whole new understand of how depression and other mental health disorders impact the brain. Ketamine research has answered important questions, such as: how does ketamine work in the brain to reduce the symptoms of depression, and how does ketamine induce relief of depressive symptoms so rapidly? By answering these and many other questions about brain functionality and depression, ketamine has shifted the way researchers approach the treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders. There is hope on the horizon for new, highly-effective depression treatments.

But, even though we understand the brain in a whole new light, our newfound understanding isn’t always aligned with the goals of those suffering from mental health conditions. Researchers are often consumed with questions of how the brain functions, and how it responds to certain chemical interventions, while patients are mostly concerned about improving their symptoms and returning to their lives. Medical professionals must use the patients needs and wants to drive their priorities when it comes to problem solving.

A new survey has turned the page on mental health research and development by asking patients where they believe researchers should focus their attention. As expected, the survey revealed that the #1 priority was to prescribe patients with antidepressants that work for the first time around, rather than having to explore several pharmacological solutions before finding one that works. The data also unveiled, surprisingly, that many patients seek to understand what is causing their condition.

Taking a more patient-centered approach to mental healthcare research and treatment is a huge step in showing patients that their needs and wants matter. Those suffering from depression and other mental health disorders live with feelings that most people can’t come close to understanding. Giving them a bigger voice is necessary to finding more effective depression treatments, and for ensuring that researchers goals are aligned with patient needs.

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