Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous occurrence, but can be accompanied by a variety of challenges. As a new mother you may face sleep deprivation, mood-swings, higher levels of responsibility, emotional stress, and even postpartum depression. Most of these experiences are normal, but when gone untreated, diagnosed postpartum depression can put both the mother and newborn baby at risk.

The depressive symptoms are serious and more severe than those of the temporary “baby blues.” One in seven women will struggle with unrealistic anxiety, random crying episodes, feelings of hopelessness, and an inability to care for themselves or their child. These are the symptoms of postpartum depression, and they can be quite severe.

If you have just given birth and are feeling overwhelmed, unable to nurture your baby, and like you want to give up on everything, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor. Do not take these symptoms lightly. The good news about postpartum depression is that it’s highly treatable: through the use of antidepressants, psychotherapy and self-care techniques, most patients make their way back to a healthy, loving relationship with their growing child. And, thanks to new research and development, treatment options for expectant parents are expanding.

The FDA has now approved the first-ever medication specially created to treat postpartum depression. The drug is called brexanolone and will be branded and sold under the name Zulresso. One major advantage to this medication, which is administered via infusion, is that it relieves symptoms in only 48 hours, whereas antidepressants may take weeks or months to work, if at all. There are, however a variety of drawbacks, like time and pricing. Not only do patients need to be in a certified medical facility for the 60-hour infusion process, it costs about $34,000. The development of such a specific medication does, however, give hopes to the thousands of expectant mothers across the country!

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If you are one of the many who cannot afford such a treatment, there are other highly-effective alternatives. Ketamine infusions, which are much less expensive, have decades of scientific research proving their efficacy. Ketamine infusions work quickly, in a timeframe comparable to that of the new FDA-approved drug. As one of the leading ketamine clinics in the U.S., we have personally seen ketamine infusions change the lives of many who suffer from debilitating depressive symptoms. The medication works repair damage in the brain, allowing for the development of new, healthy connections which, in turn, elevates the patient’s neurological condition.

In addition to their incredible success rate, ketamine infusions are not given as a take home treatment, significantly decreasing any risk of addiction or dependence. Ketamine treatments could allow mothers to experience a positive, healthy and long-lasting relationship with their newborn—an experience that any mother should have.

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