Depression is the main cause of disability among people between the ages of 15-44, with 16.2 million adults suffering from depression at some point in their lifetime. Anxiety disorders are common mental illnesses that affects 40 million adults in the U.S. today.

On the other hand, there are about 552,000 mental health professionals in practice today. From numbers alone, there is not enough mental health professionals to help the amount of people suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

There are many factors preventing patients from matching with a therapist; from long wait lists due to high demand, to insurance costs, to finding the right person with the special skill set to treat the disorder. This could take months to a year for a patient looking for help.

But the good news is that there are now self-guided, online therapy platforms that are easily accessible for patients, enabling them to receive care sooner than later. This could mean life or death for some patients.

Furthermore, Indiana University psychologist Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces has found that these online applications are effective for treating depression.

Facts on the study:

• Lorenzo-Luaces and his team reviewed 21 pre-existing studies with a total of 4,781 participants—this study was published in the November issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

• The IU Study specifically used a technique called CBT, or cognitive behavior therapy, to treat patients. CBT is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on changing the thought patterns of patients to help treat depression and other mental illnesses.

• The study concluded that these apps were successful in reducing the symptoms of mild, moderate and severe depression.

For those receiving ketamine infusions, this online platform could help patients check in with their feelings and symptoms between infusions, and enjoy some extra guidance as their symptoms continue to improve.

Ketamine relieves symptoms quickly, with many patients experiencing alleviation after only 1-2 infusions. Ketamine improves the symptoms of depression so that patients become more willing to engage in other depression treatments, such as exercise, in-person or holistic therapy. The iCBT app could be a valuable tool in a patient’s arsenal of depression treatments.

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