Overcoming depression is a lifelong journey that many struggle with in the United States. Traditional western medicine treats depression with a combination of pharmacology and psychology. While the prescribed antidepressant medication supplies an additional boost of serotonin to the brain, psychologists teach their patient how to work through their issues by breaking them down into small, logical, manageable pieces that can be overcome.

Psychologists often teach their patients to troubleshoot their issues using the E.L.F. technique. E: is the idea based on empirical data? L: Is the idea logical? And F: what is the idea’s function? Does it help to achieve a short or long term goal? Using these techniques, the patients learn to overcome obstacles and mental roadblocks so they can make positive changes in their lives.

While this approach is effective for some, it’s often ineffective for others. In fact, nearly 2 out of 3 patients report not finding relief from traditional treatments. When this happens, patients are often left even more hopeless and helpless than when they started. At this point, some patients give up hope all together, while others seek out alternative treatments.

This is when depression can be categorized as “treatment resistant.”

When all else fails, one such alternative treatment, which has grown in popularity over the last decade, is called ketamine infusion therapy. It works differently from antidepressants because it affects the glutamate system, rather than serotonin. It works by altering the brain’s synaptic plasticity. It produces proteins that create and repair connections in the brain, and reroutes activity around areas of damage.

The treatment is administered intravenously in a ketamine clinic by a qualified physician. In contrast to traditional treatments, which usually take between four to six weeks to make a difference, ketamine infusion therapy usually provides relief within the first hour of the first treatment. Patients often report feeling like life has slowed down, that they can think clearly, and that they aren’t overwhelmed with uncontrollable, negative thoughts.

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